• On Your Lot

We specialize in building on your lot

Encore Homes has a team dedicated to your project. From the initial meeting, the planning and design process, permitting, and construction phase, we are always available to guide you and answer the many questions you may have during the project.

We have developed an easy, personal and comprehensive “build on your lot” process. This process came about from our many years of home building experience, and hiring the right people to join our team and make you our number 1 priority.

We invite you to review our process and if it feels right for you, just make a phone call and we will schedule an appointment for you to meet us and our team!

Our Process

Meet and Greet

We want to meet with you and your family and ask a few questions regarding your plans, needs and wants in your new home! We also want you to ask us lots of questions and get to know your Encore Homes Team.


Walking your lot and scheduling our vendors to make accurate assessments, on site conditions, set-backs and any county or state regulations regarding your area. We want to discover and address all aspects of building on your lot. This is a very important step in our process.

Planning and Designing

We begin the process of planning and designing a home that fits your needs. We have a library of Encore Homes plans and an architect that can create your personal dream home.

Finishes and Specifications

Let’s talk about your home finishes and specifications. We will provide you a detailed list of options, upgrades, and features to consider for your new home.

Formal Home Plans

We present the “blue line drawings” to you. We will all meet and review the formal home plans and check that all details are clearly marked and labeled on the prints—another critical meeting for the Encore Homes team and you!

Color Selections

The Color selection appointment is finally here. Now is the time to meet with our Professional Designer and pull it all together! There are so many fabulous new products, selections and trends out there, so we hired an expert to guide you through this stage of our process. Another very important and personal meeting for you.


Communication is our number one priority and promise to you. At this point in the process, final pricing and a 7-page outline is provided to you. Our Team works on this throughout the process, and the details are presented for your approval. This outline is our guide during the building process. This is another critical step in our process.


Now we can begin the Permitting process, which includes ordering a formal site plan, engineering on the home, energy calculations and other documentation that is required by the county. This is the final step prior to ground-breaking!

Construction Timeline

Communication during construction is a requirement for our Team. We will provide you with a projected timeline of the construction phase, and also ask that you attend several personal appointments at the site such as a pre-start meeting, framing check and pre-drywall meeting. We want you to feel part of our team during this phase. We have a building manager to schedule the daily tasks and monitor the progress.

Finishing Touches

As we get closer to the finishing stages, we will schedule several onsite meetings and project a closing date for you. Prior to the closing date, the Encore Homes Team will do our quality inspection at the final phase and then invite you to your new home presentation meeting.